Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jaericks 3rd Birthday!

Well it's true our little man's no longer 2! We have a THREE year old! 
Jaerick turned 3 Saturday the 14th. He was really excited for his birthday this year because every time he would go to one of his cousins parties he'd say "My turn next?!" He was super excited, he even had a hard time falling asleep! I loved it because it reminded me of when I was little and I felt the same way! 
This was him at 11 p.m. WIDE awake!
 And the day came... that morning I was in the Kitchen finishing up some birthday things when Jaerick ran out and said " Mommy! Mommy! Come here!! You have to see this!" I came back to his room and he said " Mommy! Mickey brought me a present when I was sleepin!" ( This was not my intent for him to think it was from Mickey but o' well it was cute!) He opened his present to see some of his FAVORITE things and an outfit for his birthday! ( This is something I want to start doing as a tradition)

{* BYU hoodie, Studded Belt, Cheetos, Snickers Peanut butter squares, Reese's Pieces, Lucky Charms, HoHo cupcakes and a blue bug juice)
Then for breakfast I love to put a candle in to blow out/ I did this the first year and have had fun keeping it another Birthday tradition!
 Then off to his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party

{Cake pops I ATTEMPTED to make}
 {We've got ears say CHEERS! Oreo Mickey's}
 {Cup cakes, Treat bags, party hats}

{Treat Table, with a "Oh, Toodles!" cupcake stand!}

 {Hot dog... Hot dog... Hot diggity Dogs! Buffet}

{Mickey and Donald cut outs}

 Then... we had a surprise visitor come and play with the kids for a little while! 
They sang songs, danced around took pictures and even got his autograph! Jaerick was in HEAVEN!

 MICKEY helped us sing Happy Birthday to Jaerick! 
He even helped Jaerick blow out his candle!
 Jaerick blew Kisses to Mickey as he danced off and had to leave the party! 
 We opened presents from everyone and he was so happy when he opened a Helmet and I asked him why he would need a helmet? " FOR ME to have a BIKE?!" and Daddy came up the pathway with his new "Cycle Bike" as he calls it! He was SO happy!

Thank you ....
to everyone who could make it to celebrate Jaerick and play with us! (even though it was raining and FREEZING!) He LOVES playing with everyone and can't stop talking about his "best friends" all coming to his Mickey party! We love all of you and are truly blessed to have so many great people in our lives!

                  Mommy and Daddy love you more then anything in the world. We are so happy that you chose us to be your parents. I can NOT believe that you are already 3! You make our lives worth living. You are SO funny and so very smart! You make us laugh constantly and love people SO much! You have stayed true to the little personality that you were born with. You are active, ALWAYS Happy, SO expressive and positive! You have the BIGGEST imagination and are always telling stories you make up. You tell Mommy and Daddy many times a day that you Love us "MUCH MORE!" It is our favorite thing and we love having so many special little moments with you. You are a little smarty! You LOVE learning and LOVE knowing why things are the way they are. One funny thing that you LOVE to do (that drives me NUTS half the time) is pretending that you don't know something. You will ask me " Mommy is this it?" ( while showing me something you know isn't it) then you get a big smile on your face and say " NO..." giggle and then do it a couple more times while thinking you are the funniest thing that's ever happened to this world! Finally you'll pick the right one and say " Is this it?.... then have your HUGE smile and yell YES IT IS!!" You are such a little stinker! You LOVE playing outside if you get the chance... out the door you'll go. then... When I can't see you outside I yell your name, calling for you. You will NOT say anything until you can see me and then you yell really loud " Ya MOM what's Up?" It's kind of adorable! I could go on and on about everything that we love about you and all of the funny silly things you do, but I just want you to know I love you more then anything. You are mine and daddy's Best little Buddy! And We both love you MUCH MORE! 
Happy 3rd Birthday Bubba!
"Silly Goose!" 
Love -      Mommy and Daddy!


  1. Hello. What a great party! I came across your blog from Pinterest. I am currently planning a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party for my twin 2 year olds. I am having it at a park like you and was wondering what your experience was like using a park. It has been hard to find testimonials about kids parties at parks. I like to decorate for parties but usually they are at my house. Any suggestions would be so great.
    I give you a Super Mom award for your party!

  2. Love your party pictures! I am panning the same thing for my little guysv2nd bday! I love his sweat shirt too!!

  3. Found your blog on Pinterest. I am planning a Mickey Mouse party for my son in January. I loved your blog, your son reminds me of my son! It touched my heart to see how happy you made him on his birthday. Good job mama! ;)

  4. Found your blog from Pinterest too! Was wondering how you did the Mickey Oreos. Planning a Mickey birthday for my little Mousketeer this year, and they look just so darn cute! lol. Also, where did you find those super cool cutouts?

    1. I googled it because I wanted to know as well. I hope you find this useful before your party.

  5. Hi, found your blog from pinterest since my little man is turning 1 and started laughing and trying to climb out of the cart to Mickey when he saw the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse section at the party store. Your Toodles is really impressive. How did you make it? Tutorial? Please?