Monday, June 29, 2015

Here we go again!

 I may have missed a year and then some but I love keeping these memories through pictures and stories and as nice as Instagram is I'm pretty sure I over post! So here it is the fun , the not so fun, the love and a lot of what makes us... US!

In the last year since Jaerick turned 5,he started and completed his kindergarten year at school. He absolutely loved it and it was so fu! He has grown up so much this last year, Jaxton Celebrated his first birthday and suddenly became the most wild and crazy sweet baby boy!Then we finally got pregnant and that is when baby Mason had his short time with our family. Jaerick was especially aware and excited to have another little brother join in on the fun. We were able to enjoy the pregnancy to the fullest and never once had anything hard or trying with the short time we had. 21 weeks along after a few weeks of us fighting with everything we could we lost the battle and my pregnancy ended. Our sweet, perfect, precious baby Mason Henry went back to Heaven. it was by far the hardest thing we have ever gone through. We miss him dearly and there isnt a day that goes by that I dont think of him. We will keep him in our hearts and wait our time to be able to meet our baby.

Needless to say this year has not been easy. I have definitely learned that my OCD planning does not actually give me control. I have learned to let things go much easier and I have learned what things don't really matter in life. I value moments and time more than I ever have and I understand the role and calling I have in my life as a mother. I wish I could've learned all these lessons in a different way of course but I know that my baby is safe and happy in the hands of our Heavenly Father and I am happy to know I will get to see him again.

On that light note.. lol I will start posting our lives more and more!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Jaerick turns 5 WOW!

Jaerick had one full Birthday week! He wanted a camping/hunting theme. He started it off with a sleepover with his best friends aka his cousins. all 4 and 5 year old boys! He had his back yard campout he wanted.
 We took the boys on a scavenger hunt and they had a blast we will be doing them more and more this summer! It was a true hit!

 In the morning we made the boys Jaericks favorite breakfast. German Pancakes! The bottom middle pic is a picture of the boys reaction to the huge German Pancakes!
 Jaer was so spoiled he also got to celebrate at school with his preschool teacher Mrs. Keri and his class.
 On Jaericks birthday daddy went to work while we prepared for his big party that night. He loved helping and was very specific in the cake he wanted me to make!
 When Tim got home we surprised Jaer with a Wii he was very happy and played it while I finished setting up.
Jaer also got a new bike ( He finally grew out of his old one) All in all I cant believe my baby is 5! Kindergarten here we come!

Monday, April 7, 2014

March 2014

March was a great Month!
I got a new phone about half way through the month so I don't have those pics but that's okay!
 1. Tim and I headed to Salt lake for our anniversary without the boys it was a blast although I missed them a ton!
2. Tim has always had the dream job of being a COP this car reassured that he needs to do it! lol
3. Just a few pics from the anniversary weekend.
4. Heading home I was being silly because I was anxious!
 1. Matching brothers! Love that I can do this now!
2. Yes I cried and cried my baby started crawling while we were gone!
3. This is a hilarious picture and I have to remember why! Everytime that Jax cousin Dash who is 7 weeks older comes near him he starts crying until someone will reassure him that Dash isn't going to get him! Dash just loves hugs is all lol
4. Perfect way to get a 4 year old to eat Olives! Finger food!

 1. This is Jaer, Cody and Matthew they are all cousins in the same preschool together and they love it!
2. This was their field trip to Red Lobster where they got to see a live lobster. When I asked Jaer what he thought of it he said I'm not going to eat something that was alive. Mom. haha if you only knew kid! If you only knew!
3. Matching again!~ Irrisistable!
4. Jax didn't know what to think of Jaers glasses
5. Family Night trying out The Habit burger place. It was pretty good.
6. Jax first time using a straw lol
 1. Once he learned to crawl.... he now likes to stand and climb!
2. Finally old enough to wrestle with brother
3. I came out to Jaer pulling Jax on the changing pad around the kitchen lol
4. Sisters weekend. I didn't get many pics unfortunately but this one's cute with me and my oldest sis
The Hair on this kid! Love it!