Sunday, April 27, 2014

Jaerick turns 5 WOW!

Jaerick had one full Birthday week! He wanted a camping/hunting theme. He started it off with a sleepover with his best friends aka his cousins. all 4 and 5 year old boys! He had his back yard campout he wanted.
 We took the boys on a scavenger hunt and they had a blast we will be doing them more and more this summer! It was a true hit!

 In the morning we made the boys Jaericks favorite breakfast. German Pancakes! The bottom middle pic is a picture of the boys reaction to the huge German Pancakes!
 Jaer was so spoiled he also got to celebrate at school with his preschool teacher Mrs. Keri and his class.
 On Jaericks birthday daddy went to work while we prepared for his big party that night. He loved helping and was very specific in the cake he wanted me to make!
 When Tim got home we surprised Jaer with a Wii he was very happy and played it while I finished setting up.
Jaer also got a new bike ( He finally grew out of his old one) All in all I cant believe my baby is 5! Kindergarten here we come!

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